Wednesday, February 4, 2009

In With Dodge Ball

For schools to do away with dodge ball is just a bad idea on many accounts. Sure it can be viewed as this violent game where you are aiming to hit people with a ball, throwing it as fast as you can, to get them out. However, there is more to this game then what it is usually portrayed to be. This is a great game for kids because it teaches them to aim, which is used in many sports such as pitching in baseball. It also shows a student how to dodge balls being thrown at them which is similar to dodging a tackler in football. To get a player out in dodge ball you can catch a ball being thrown from the opposing side. This action of catching will carry over to sports such as football, basketball, and many others as well. The movements in dodge ball are very similar to other movements in sport. So by playing this game maturely and responsibly it can undoubtedly be a great game to teach children. It will teach them the importance of sport movements and being able to hold their own no matter what sport they are playing.

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