Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bowling at Midway Lanes

Today I went down to Midway lanes in Binghamton to volunteer for the Special Olympics bowling tournament. There were around 120 bowlers using 34 lanes. They were broken up into teams and competed against each other. There was one volunteer for every 2 lanes making sure the bowlers bowled in the correct order and took down the scores for each game. Each team bowled two games and had their scores combined for a grand total score for the day. Out of those scores they were placed and received medals at a team ceremony. As the bowlers were called up to receive their medals I placed the medals over their head and shook their hands. They each had the biggest smiles and enjoyed receiving something for their efforts. They were so happy and grateful for what they were able to accomplish.

Having experienced a day like today is something I feel everyone in Physical Education should experience. It was really nice to see something, like bowling, could have such a great impact on someone. These individuals were so excited to be out bowling and competing in an event. The looks on their faces when they would hit the pins was priceless. If they got a strike or a spare, forget it, they were jumping up and down cheering. I would give them a solid handshake or a high five for every time they bowled a strike or a spare, I also gave them to those who didn’t. The support from family, friends, and the organization was also incredible to see. The entire day was 7 hours but it definitely didn't feel like that long. I enjoyed working with these individuals and I am grateful to have experienced such a humbling event.

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