Friday, September 4, 2009

Time To Teach

After a busy summer, it's great to be back in Cortland. On my first day of the fall semester I walked into EDU 255, never thinking that I would be teaching. Well I was wrong. Everyone taught a 5 minute lesson on whatever skill they wanted to using the equipment that we had. At first I felt a little nervous because I'm still in summer mode and not yet in school mode. This 5 minute lesson exercise quickly put me into school mode and allowed me to teach a mini lesson on catching and throwing a football. In my initial micro-teaching episode, I looked a little better than I had expected, but I definitely need some work. Although I was a little nervous throughout the lesson, I do see excitement and enjoyment while I'm teaching. To convey my interests in helping my students learn, I feel that being enthusiastic and confident are essential in teaching a Lesson. If I look like I'm not into what I'm teaching or aren't sure what I'm saying, chances are the students won't either. To make students want to come back and participate I feel you have to make class comfortable for everyone. When I say comfortable I'm talking about allowing everyone to participate and creating a fun environment. Next lesson I plan to improve my organization of the drills and how I can better use the space in the gym. Overall I was happy with the lesson and I am looking forward to correcting my mistakes. Here is my lesson for you to watch.

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  1. Frank,
    Nice reflection. Please grab the embed code and paste it into your post and the video will show up.