Sunday, September 20, 2009

Take 2

The first day of class was a surprise to all of us. For most of us it was our first times teaching, so many of us were caught a little off guard. Last Friday we had the opportunity to go back to those mini-lessons and teach them over again, or continue on to another lesson. I think everyone felt a little more comfortable this time around. We knew about this and so we were able to prepare a little for it. Although for some reason it always seems like you have to change something one way or another during the lesson. But it was much easier with the heads up.
I decided to continue my football lesson, of catching and throwing, and teach the students how to run a slant route. I demonstrated the route and then had them break up into groups of three and run the route having a quarterback, a receiver, and a defender. The lesson went well and I felt I did a much better job this time around. I was able to see the things that I did better the second time around, like adding an inter task variation to throw with the weak hand. By doing this, it helps make the task a little more challenging and the students seemed to enjoy that. I have created a time coding form to show how much time I spend on management, activity, instruction, and waiting. During my leeson I tried to give feedback to as many people as possible. You can watch this mini-lesson right here.


  1. Frank, you did a very good job on your teaching. Just remember the little things we went over, but overall you did great! "Teacher Voice"

  2. Well done Frank! Great energy and passion!