Monday, October 5, 2009

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

This past Friday we continued teaching in class where each student received six minutes to teach. Continuing our unit of ultimate Frisbee I taught a game called "Apples". This activity consisted of breaking up into groups of three having a thrower and two receivers. The thrower was to release the Frisbee using the overhand throw and the receivers had to try and come up with it. The receiver that gained possession of the Frisbee became the thrower and now had one "apple". We played this game for a few minutes to see how many "apples" everyone could get. After everyone seemed to be getting comfortable I threw in a little challenge. Now you could only catch with one hand and that one hand had to be their non-dominant hand.

This activity was a lot of fun and really kept the interest of all the students. I think the most important thing in an activity is that the students have fun, and with this activity everyone was smiling and having fun. I'm feeling like each time I teach I feel more and more comfortable. I felt like I explained the activity clearly and had a good demonstration. This time it was a lot easier teaching something that I was prepared for compared to our first lab where I wasn't prepared at all. One thing I may have done a little different is to have everyone throw the Frisbee starting on the same side of the gym rather than a staggered setup. Also I may use a whistle as my signal for attention. Although I have a good gym voice it is still no match for a loud echoing gym. In order to keep track of the feedback I am giving to the students I have completed a feedback sheet. I also have written out every word from my lesson to see exactly what I am saying while I teach. Listen

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  1. Nice blog photo addition - I see it's contagious! Keep up the great work Frank!