Thursday, December 3, 2009

Stride and Glide

For Lab D, our final lab, I taught my lesson on Ice Skating. This was something that was completely out of my element, but I am so glad that I had the opportunity to teach in this type of environment. Although we had a varied range of skill levels everyone did very well and seemed to really enjoy the lesson on ice. I wanted to add a component into the lesson that I thought would make the students really want to become better skaters. I put a picture of Coach Gordon Bombay, from the movie series "The Mighty Ducks", and told them that he is a personal friend of mine and he would like us to start training so we can come play on his team. This is just a little something that everyone seemed to like which grabbed the attention of the class and made them want to become better skaters. You can read every word that I spoke in my lesson on the verbal transcript form I have completed.

I really enjoyed teaching on the ice because it was different and brought a new challenge to the table for not only me, but for the students as well. Teaching on the ice was a challenge for me due the fact that I was on skates myself trying to make it around to everyone. I consider myself a decent skater, but when you have to watch everyone and manage all the aspects of the class, it becomes a little harder to get around to everyone. I feel like I am learning how to really manage the class in all environments and also adapting to situations that I may not have planned for.

I felt that the students really enjoyed the activities and were having fun with the lesson. Since we had students falling from time to time I am glad that I taught the proper way to fall and to get up off the ice. This was something that the students can use whenever they go ice skating, and I was glad to have taught them that. One thing I wish I could have done better was get around to more students and have the time to give them specific feedback on what they were doing right and wrong. Although I got to a good amount of the class, if I had a little more time I would have gave more feedback to the students. I feel feedback is one of the most important parts in a lesson because it allows you to tell the students how they can better themselves, and to me that’s essential. In those 15 minutes there are many things that you have to make sure you include. In the future, when I have a little more time, I hope to be able to give that feedback to the students. Overall I am very pleased with how the lesson went and I would enjoy teaching on the ice in the future. You can see how I managed the class time in my time coding sheet and you can also check out my activity progressions sheet that I have created. I have posted my lesson plan for everyone to see how I set up my activities and planned the lesson.

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