Thursday, December 10, 2009

Practical Volunteer Experience

For class we had to have a minimum of 10 volunteer hours. I did my volunteer hours on a make a wish foundation J.V. lacrosse tournament, helping coach a high school club team, and helping out with a graduate study using idance. The Make a wish foundation J.V. lacrosse tournament was run by the lacrosse team on October 11th in the stadium complex. It went from 9am to 4pm and included teams from all over upstate and even a team from Canada. It was a great success and we raised a lot of money for a great cause. I myself worked the clinic part of the tournament where players would come in between games to work on shooting, dodging, and other aspects of the game that we drilled.

My coach has started a club team called the CNY Arrows. It is a team composed of central New York players that practice during the fall and will be playing in tournaments over the summer. I went to their practice for 2 hours and worked with the midfielders on taking face-offs and timing the whistle. It was a great experience because I love to coach and this gave me an opportunity to work with some high school athletes on improving their game.

The last thing that I did was the graduate study on December 9th, from 8-10pm. This was a study being done using an awesome new gaming system called idance. It involves many wireless mats that students can dance on while following arrows displayed from a projector onto the wall. It is similar to DDR but allows up to 30 students to participate at once. I wasn't able to participate in the actual study due to conflicting times for the first part of the study on Monday, but I managed to help in other ways. I helped do thing such as take pictures while the study was going on and help clean up at the end. Overall my volunteer hours were an experience that I was more than happy to complete.

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